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Adventurous Daintree Rainforest Tours

I got a chance to discover the beauty of Daintree Rainforest. I grabbed a tour from “Last Minute Day Tours’ the Australia leading day tour specialist.

The tour offered me an opportunity to view 135 million years old rainforest of the Cape Tribulation section of Daintree is ancient in world. It has been inscribes on the world heritage list in recognition of their universal natural values like the major stages in the earth’s evolutionary history with a significant ongoing ecological and biological process. It consists of superlative natural phenomena that contain important habitats for conservation of biological diversity.


Daintree forest is full of surprises; I found many amusing things while traveling like fan palms, tree frogs, Flying Paradise Kingfishers, butterflies of every hue and color, Rainbow Lorikeets, entwining strangler figs, and rampant climbing vines set by crystal streams flowing into a tropical sea. I travelled deep into the Daintree Rainforest Day Tours to the Cape Tribulation Resort to enjoy a tropical lunch. At Cape Tribulation I enjoyed the dazzling white sand beaches and azure tropical sea.

I also visited Alexandra Lookout to admire the spectacular views of the Daintree River and the Coral Sea. And after that I enjoyed the Cruise along the Daintree River among mangroves, impenetrable rainforest jungle, and crocodile-infested waters. It was an adventurous tour. Every minute of the tour was exciting and I enjoyed throughout the journey.

These are some of the highlights of my tour to Daintree Rainforest –

  • Scenic Coastal Drive.
  • Wildlife Habitat Port Douglas.
  • Morning Tea.
  • Cable- driven Ferry.
  • Tropical Lunch.
  • Cape Tribulation Beach.
  • Guided Rainforest Walk.
  • Alexandra Lookout.
  • Daintree River Cruise.

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What need to be explored in Great Ocean Road Tour?

Melbourne is a fascinating place which has many attractive places located on the outskirt of city centers such as Great Ocean Road, Philip Island, Morning ton Peninsula and much more. So, whenever you are planning to travel with a group of friends or family you can book your trip with Last Minute Day Tours which offers a luxury vehicle as well as services. One of the best places which are really fascinating is Great Ocean Road.


The Great Ocean Road in Melbourne is one of the world’s most scenic coastal drives. This drive is really stunning with many beautiful places which can give you innumerable memories and adventures which you can cherish whole life. If you have planned trip with Last Minute Day tours of Great Ocean Road Day Tour and Trip will really be adventurous as they are one of the best tour providers in Australia. The staff of the Last Minute Day tours is rich in experience of every place so they provide guide tour.

Some Highlights of Great Ocean Road Melbourne:

  1. The Twelve Apostles
  2. Gibson Steps
  3. Loch Ard Gorge
  4. London Arch
  5. The Grotto
  6. The Arch
  7. Walks in Port Campbell National Park
  8. Bay of Islands
  9. Triplet Falls
  10. Kennett River
  11. Lorne
  12. Teddy’s Lookout
  13. The Lorne to Appollo Bay Drive
  14. Appollo Bay Hostel
  15. Mariners Lookout
  16. Bells Beach

All the places in the Great Ocean Road are really stunning and attractive. This spectacular Great Ocean Road is one of the world’s most beautiful and naturally maintained place. This adorable road is built by the retired soldiers for the dedication of soldiers who are killed during World War-1. This road is one of the largest war memorials. Every twist of this road offers pristine beaches, coastlines, and lush rainforests of the Otway Railways.