Month: April 2016

Explore the Magnificent Places with Blue Mountains Day Tours & Trip Packages

From dazzling islands with scenic beaches, mountains, deserts, lush green forests, this island continent attract tourists all the year round. Experience the magic of the Koalas and kangaroos, the coral reefs, the spectacular natural structures in the magical wonderland of Australia.

Blue Mountains Day Tours & Trip Packages offer picturesque beauty of the natural world, wildlife, long enthralling coast, architectural heritage and off course is a hub for the gourmand and elite wines. Every year, millions of tourist rush to the continent for recreation and breathtaking experiences at its numerous destinations.  Amid of the various day tours from Sydney Blue mountain day tour is a must  to explore short day trip which unveils most enduring experience for its visitors.

Blue Mountains Day Tours & Trip Packages

Day tour begins in morning with the pick at nearly 8 am in the morning in a luxury coach to render comfortable stay in the bus. Tourists can relish tea at Leura a remarkable town in the vicinity of Blue Mountain. Leura is a convention town with old typical shops.  Experience beyond belief Wentworth falls which caters enticing view of the expanse.  Witness the illustrious three sister’s sight made of rocks during the tour and unlimited rides at Cable way and Railways. A resonance point at three sisters is a time to relax and hear your inner voice.  Tourist can also get pleasure from a walk over crag and experience enchanting visions during the tour.

Shopping in Australia is delightful. From local street markets to the designer boutiques, international brands, swanky shopping malls, the travelers can choose depending on their interest and budget. It offers something for everyone.

Tourists are also given the privilege to witness with the close scrutiny amazing untamed life of Australia. Blue Mountains Day Tours & Trip Packages include Kangaroo, Emu, Wallaby and naughty Koala can be seen very closely though it is advisable not to disturb and destroy the life and habitat at the Feather Dale Wild Park. Tourist can add more fun to the day tour by returning to Sydney By cruise over Parramatta River and enjoy the aquatic life and exquisiteness of the river.

Some of the highlights of Blue Mountains Day Tours & Trip Packages are:

  • Enjoy the picturesque view of the feather Dale wild park
  • Ultimate rides at scenic railway and world of cableway
  • Don’t forget to take a picture with cuddly koala
  • Visit cross Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • One can opt for river cruise

The Day Tour and Packages Include:

  • Lunch
  • Morning tea
  • Rides at scenic world
  • Transportation by luxury coach, toilets, air conditions, recliners
  • Professional guides
  • Optional river cruise

Packed with interesting attractions in a colorful environment is a tourist’s delight. Add a little thrill to the sightseeing by taking a hot air balloon ride and enjoying the bird’s eye view of this marvelous city. Watch the penguins emerge from the sea and move to their sand burrows at the Penguin Parade. The view of the sunset at the Grand Ocean’s Road is mesmerizing with the 12 Apostles.

Tourist’s can plan their Blue Mountains Day Tours and opt for trip packages from  October to March excluding Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday in the month of April to September. Tourists can book their tickets by visiting or can dial to reserve their seat for day tour filled with leisure.